Fermented Ink

Tom McCulloch Stephanie Black

Some words dredge up slowly from the primordial basin surfacing on a white scorched savanna. Others are twisted unknown in vernacular, undefined origin. All of them have slipped from our slack tongues as we regard the space they inhabit, that ice plain, dizzying light. That past, that future. Already they aren’t nothing. Call them sound and silence, life and death, hot and cold, love and loss: any can be the case but none of these yins and yangs tell the whole story. What we feel, that enveloping whiteness, the edges of imagination, is right now.


“… the body is put at risk in situations that stage singularly difficult experiences of intimacy. That is, by urging their own bodies into crisis, these and other artists pose subjectivity as radically comprised by its encounters with the bodies of others.”

Dominic Johnson Histories and Practices of Live Art


Source: Audience reflection, Buzzcut 2015


VIDEO: Coming soon! 

Buzzcut, Festival of Performance Art, Glasgow 2015

Upcoming: Forest Fringe with Buzzcut, Edinburgh Festival 2015 



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