Using image and action-based performance, Dowry allows audience members to witness the ‘handing over’ of the daughter on her wedding day and its devastating effects. The work is personal and political, pushing the audience to take part in the rituals of the marriage ceremony, questioning customs, traditions and female identity.

Dowry is a durational performance, split into a series of one-to-ones and culminating in a final performance for a wider audience.



Dowry previewed at Arches Live 2014.


“There’s the personal and political journey in Stephanie Elaine Black’s hugely

powerful and sorrowful fragment Dowry, which uses both visual and sensual

imagery to involve each audience member in the experience of women veiled,

laden in gold and bartered away in marriage.”



Reviews of Dowry:

Click here for Doug Coombes report of Dowry for ‘In Suffolk’ at SPILL National Platform

Click here for Gareth Vile’s blog on Dowry at Arches Live 2014


 For Dowry SPILL 2014 click here

Dowry Final Moment programme note available to view here



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© Stephanie Elaine Black , 'Dowry', SPILL Festival of Performance 2014, photographs by Mafe Valen.


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