body of sand: scripture

the body of sand image.stephanieblack

body of sand was the final outcome from a three-month process to create work for ‘Into the New’ supported by New Territories, the International Festival of Live Art Scotland. This was a trilogy of performance, installation and sound experimentation that took place over three nights of the festival. The work shifted and transformed along with my own body looking closely at my own socio-political heritage, identity and Eastern upbringing.


Part two of this series, body of sand: scripture, explores the connection between an image of resurrection and animalistic actions.  Using dance, sound and scent, the performance space is transformed into a personal  space where the multicultural body can exist.


Her Body of Sand was a mind-blowing gust of desert energy. Examining her

experience growing up in Dubai as a western woman, it used her dance

background to devastating effect.”


the body of sand: part 2 from stephanie black on Vimeo.

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Video stills: video  documentation available on request.

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